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One way to manage our egosystem

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I’m climbing out on the selfish limb to ask that the next time you head out to buy two dozen bottles of water, please don’t. Two BIG reasons I moved back to Indiana are to be with my family and … Continue reading

You’re ugly. Oh, just kidding.

If you’re not reading my blog every week, what good are you? Or maybe you forgot how to read – THAT explains it.

Oh, I’m just joking with you. C’mon, I mean if we can’t laugh about things like this, what’s the point? You’re taking me too seriously.

The fact is, sarcasm was a part of my upbringing and last week I came closer to understanding the source of our sarcastic side.

"Oh, a wise guy, 'ay?" I think sarcasm is a defense mechanism.

“Smart-ass” remarks were delivered with a smile or a laugh and cast off as humor. If the intended recipient, take me for instance, didn’t get the joke or took it to heart, I was declared “overly sensitive” or “taking things too seriously.”

In my opinion, it is not a desirable trait like “your mother’s love of music” or “your father’s laugh.” It’s a birth defect. Something worth overcoming.

“Come on! Where’s your sense of humor, for cripe sake?”

Sarcasm is harsh communication – said to be “the lowest form of humor,” … “a cutting remark intended to wound.” Raised with sarcasm, a child learns the language as a defense mechanism. You gotta be able to dish it out, or what good are ya. Even more, you got to be able to take it or suffer.


Sarcasm was, and sadly still is, part of my language tool box, but I’ve been working on it ever since that 10-year-old boy called me on it.

Summers from 2005 through 2007, I was the medic and nature lady at Glenwood’s Camp Getchow. I’ll never forget the lesson.

I said something sarcastic to a camper. I don’t know – “don’t’ come back unless your arm’s broken” maybe. It doesn’t matter. What matters is his reply.  Continue reading


Sorry I haven’t written …

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I started to write my Friday blog on Thursday and got stuck between life and death. Between maudlin and joyful. Here’s why. On Thursday and Friday – through a wake and a funeral – our family said goodbye to Uncle … Continue reading