Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dear Universe: Thanks for the notes!

Long live Nelson Mandela. A crusader, a peacemaker.

It was my intention last week to write about gratitude. That post never made it off the yellow pad. Not that I’m not grateful – I am – but I wanted to express gratitude for things unseen – accidents missed, germs that flew past my nose, all the millions of things I take for granted.

thanks-7.05.57-PMBut how to write about things unseen? I’m not that talented. Then Sunday morning, it dawned on me – I am grateful, so grateful to have music in my life.

Not JUST music, which is so incredibly magical, mystical and mathematical that this writer can not begin to conjure the words – but HARMONY!

Harmony makes me cry. There. I said it.

Perhaps it began in 4th grade when the then Mrs. T. taught us the Mass of the Angels. Children harmonizing. The love of music and singing and harmonizing grew over the years thanks to choir directors and recording artists from the Beach Boys to the Blenders.

Thanks to Pandora radio, I dialed in a Manhattan Transfer Holiday-genre station, which is right up there with other favorite “stations” including  The Mills Brothers and the HiLos.

If you’re a fan of harmony, you gotta hear the HiLos’ rendition of Bali Hi, (Bali Hi – it’s amazing!)

Perhaps you’re grateful for new babies, soft snowfalls, seeing green leaves against a bright blue sky. Think for a moment about things you  might be taking for granted. Let me know and we will populate WordScarab with some of your favorite things.

In the meantime, harmony and me are perfect company thanks to Elton John. And I think in music, run-on sentences are acceptable. I know Simon and Garfunkel raised the dangling participle to a whole new level. I wonder if they meant to? (Couldn’t help myself!)