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Las Cruces Arts

The Bulletin (Good SoNewMex writing) is a sweet little dynamo of a weekly paper from my one-time hometown. I miss covering Arts and Entertainment for the Bulletin. In fact, as I’m putting this page together, I’m missing my Las Cruces friends, the desert and thinking about the wonderful times I enjoyed.

Las Cruces has a burgeoning community of artists, writers and entertainers. Click the links below to read about these Las Cruces artists who enjoy international acclaim.

Linda Gendall: Shining her light through oils,” Las Cruces Bulletin, 11/6/2009

Julia Barello: Fakes a look at her x-rays,” Las Cruces Bulletin, 12/25/09

Michael Ponce: Fine artist comes home,” Las Cruces Bulletin, 1/8/10

Bonnie Mandoe: Former farm girl paints from her roots,” Las Cruces Bulletin, 3/5/2010

Marjorie Moeser: Seduced by the light,” Las Cruces Bulletin, 12/18/2009


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