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Writers write. But without readers, without making a connection, I’m just talkin’ to myself – again. Thanks for letting me to write for you!

My formal training is in journalism and my career path led me to business management and rewarding work with some very good people. But while I felt “in control” at work, much of the time, I felt “out of control” at home. In fact, I remember saying I had a split personality – corporate marketing powerhouse and conflicted homemaker. In hindsight, I think my then partner preferred the powerhouse. The divorce was final within a year.

While the marriage ended more than a decade ago, the events surrounding that death sent me scrambling to the school of life. Now I’m a perennial student. What a gift it is to find wisdom in life’s trials.

My goal through this blog is to help you find that wisdom sooner, so that your life will be ever better, more quickly. If through my writing you find a nugget of wisdom, we all win. And if you care to share the wisdom of your journey so others may learn and grow, so much the better.

In addition, it will be fun for me to introduce you to some of the people and places I encounter along the way. Everyone, everyone has a story if we’ll take time to ask questions and listen. I love this part of being a journalist.

As a girl I wanted to be an Egyptologist or an oceanographer but my right brain led me to English, journalism and marketing. WordScarab is derived from the birth sign for June/July and the Egyptian symbol for Cancer, scarab.

Please follow along as I sift through the detritus of life to find nuggets of wisdom.

I’m having a great time and I am grateful. I wish the same for you.

Thanks for reading.                                                                                                      Kristine 

* George Eliott wrote, “What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined – to strengthen each other …” I love that quote. 




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  1. Love it….peaceful, fun, entertaining….interesting. This little blurb shows all of this in YOU! I’m looking forward to “meeting” those whose stories have changed you in some way enough to write about them! Hooray!!

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