Easter celebrations for everyone, all the time

This is not about bunnies or eggs or lamb cakes. It’s about the joy of personal passion, death and resurrection.

“The JOY? of death and resurrection? Are you nuts?” you ask. Maybe, but that has nothing to do with this week’s post.

This “joy” is the result of owning life’s trials – the “passion” that includes anxiety, pain and suffering, feeling alone, abandoned, mentally tortured. It includes the death of a part of your ego and the resurrection of the new you.

Journaling about dreams can help your "resurrection." In a recent dream, I had a growth on my chin the size of a small cucumber! It was about not "recognizing" myself. (Makes me laugh, now.)

First, it’s not about me. Yes, the experience is mine, but since I believe we are all the same, all connected, you’ve had the same thing happen dozens of times. Did you know what was happening? Did you try to blame others? Can you embrace life’s changes as your personal “Easter” experiences?

Example: My recent move to Indiana has been a challenge because I pulled up my desert roots to replant myself closer to home. It’s something I thought about for three years, organized, anticipated and expedited. Vision + focus = results. I made this happen.

But, I have never moved somewhere I didn’t know a soul; didn’t have coworkers or clients who expected to see me. My sister is just down the road but I am a stranger in my town and have had to focus on creating my new life. I’ve refrained from joining the same old organizations – except for the Y – because I want to try new things – take guitar lessons rather than singing in a choir, for example. Until I find those things, it’s been a bit lonely. I have felt strange, confused. Wondering what I’ve done. But recently, I’ve had illuminating dreams that are helping me heal. I know I can live anywhere but it takes time. I used to tell my staff it takes six months to get used to a new job yet I haven’t allowed that time for me to get used to my new town. Wanted to show up and be home. It’s Indiana, right? Why shouldn’t it all feel like home. Ha.

This Easter week, I’m celebrating my death and resurrection. Based on experience, my feelings moving into my weird dreams this week tell me my subconscious is working on the adjustments. I’m on my way to renewal. It’s happening. I traded New Mexico plates for Indiana’s. Rocks in my yard for grass. Back to the land of lush. I’m home.

I’m reminded life is all about growing, changing. If we’re lucky there is no end to the changes, the growth. But if we don’t accept the pain of the change, it gets worse. We can try to put negative feelings on others but they can’t fix us; we have to do that ourselves.

We all know people who were not able to own their changes, their personal passions and deaths, and turned into angry people. These are sad cases. I know children whose angry parents could no longer love them. No surprise that the kids have gone away, licking their wounds, looking for their own healing.

You need not be religious to celebrate Easter. Your OWN Easter. Recognize that in order to grow, a part of you must die – part of your old ego – to make room for the new, improved you. If nothing else, please know there is a light at the end of your tunnel and it’s not a train. It’s the glow of a shiny, new you.

Know you may be a tough spot but that you have the strength to walk with your burden, there are people around you who will help if you need them (they are more eager to help than you know – just ask!) Happy Easter!

3 responses to “Easter celebrations for everyone, all the time

  1. ..What….wow..how cool and brave to move back to your roots….come stay with us in the desert when its cold and u need a break….

    • Good morning!

      How nice to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing. How are you guys doing?!

      Would love to visit again, John. Time for a nice catch up. Maybe later this summer when it’s hot and nasty in the desert. I already miss the west.

      Lots of love to you and Bruce.

  2. Eloquent; heartfelt; Divinely guided; THANK YOU!

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