Hard to imagine the sorrow

My siblings have 12 children among them and 35 grandchildren. I moved back to Indiana from New Mexico last year to have them in my life, to share their triumphs and hopefully exchange some wisdom. With “my kids” in mind, it’s hard to imagine the sorrow grinding down now on the good people of Newtown, Connecticut.

I think of my nieces and nephews and their children – several of them the same ages of those killed at school today. I picture their bright, smiling faces. Some shriek AUNT KRIS!!! when they see me. Others don’t know I’m there but I relish their smiles just the same.

I’m not good at writing about tragedies. All I’ve got is gratitude. Sorrow coupled with gratitude. Can we take special care with each other? Love our children? Forgive each other for past mistakes? Life is so short. So precious. How many reminders do we need?


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