How thoughts become things

WordScarab journals dating from 2003. Before that, I kept notes on scraps.

Rarely do I go back and read my morning journals – there’s a good 10 years of  wanderings – but while writing this morning and watching the sunlight grow over my front door something occurred to me.

When did I find this house?

This current journal launched 13.2.11 – I was still in New Mexico.

The Calais house was on the market but I had no clue about when I would move, where in Indiana I’d go, how my new home would look. I picked up the journal and flipped through until I found this list. It described this house to a T.

“Must have been after I saw it – I was listing its’ features,” that’s what I thought until I checked the page heading.

Th 9-15-11/2

It was a month before I set foot in the house. At least 10 days prior to my realtor sending the listing. I envisioned this house before I saw it. In short, I got what I wanted – and so much more.


We are capable of manifesting our desires, our thoughts. Whatever they may be.

Once while riding my bike in a Norman, OK neighborhood, I found myself having to ride on a new curb because the streets weren’t yet poured. And rode right into a hole in the cement – about the size of a dollar bill.

I knew I would. I saw it coming and I predicted it.

“I’m going to ride into that hole. I’m going to ride into that hole!”

Blam! Splat! Over the handle bars and into the rocks – I still have the scar on my knee. Wow. I’m good.

Now, if I spotted the hole and noted plenty of room to ride around it, I would have. I’m sure.

Who was it who said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right?”

I think it was Lincoln. Please check me on this.

You know, you are what you eat. Well, you’re also what you think.

Are you negative? Oh, it’s not you! Maybe other people are negative and you are able to see that all the time.

Guess what? Hate to tell you, your negative antenna is up. (I know this from experience.)

Focus on what you want. Be clear about your intentions.

This is where it gets a bit “woo-wooey” but then you have to let it go. Leave it up to the universe. Believe you can manifest it. Believe that with the universe you are co-creating your ideal life.

Now, hang on. You can’t manifest evil on someone. “I see my brother falling into a well and missing supper so I get his dessert.” Nope. Sorry.

Einstein said the universe is basically benevolent. I believe it. I imagine ideals, values, important goals for my life. Envision them – trying not to control too much how it manifests otherwise I might shortchange my self. And then let it go.

I have so many examples of the universe manifesting good in my life. But my thoughts du jour are on this house. I imagined this place, and I’m grateful to report – I got what I wanted.




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  1. Henry Ford made that statement about being right

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