Please vote!

Will you be disappointed if your candidate does not win Tuesday’s election?

Of course you will. But can you honestly say you’ve done all you can to ensure their success?

Each of us must vote this week. Vote for your candidate. Vote to keep the privilege of voting alive in this country. Vote to show politicians that the popular vote is growing stronger, so that one day our vote might count even more.

If you didn’t see “Election Dysfunction” this week, you owe it to yourself to find it. Watch the trailer – check for local airings.

I have never been involved in politics but after watching this documentary – featuring Mo Rocco – I’d like to think I can help us change the way we vote in America, to push for the poplar vote to trump the electoral college.

From the website:

“While other films have examined narrow aspects of our electoral system, Electoral Dysfunction is the first documentary project to take an irreverent—but nonpartisan—look at voting in America …the film will help spark a national dialogue on the steps ordinary citizens can take to ensure that every vote counts. As former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and former President Jimmy Carter noted in a bipartisan report on election reform, “Americans are losing confidence in the fairness of elections … We believe the time for acting to improve our electoral system is now.

“Woven throughout the film are sequences in which Mo meets reformers working to bring greater fairness and transparency to our election system. Among these are proponents of the National Popular Vote Initiative, who have devised a plan to reform the Electoral College without a Constitutional amendment. Although this pragmatic reform measure has already passed in 31 state legislative chambers, it has received scant attention from the mainstream media. These stories carry the film into the future while giving viewers a sense of concrete steps they can take to help bring about change.”

There are times when I wish I’d paid more attention to elections. That’d I’d gone down to my party’s local office to help. I haven’t. I’ve sent money and on Tuesday I’m going to vote. But the thought of the electoral college deciding who’s president rather than our votes needs to change. And it can change.

Voting is a privilege in this country. It can mean sudden death in others. I know my vote on Tuesday will make a difference in the near and long term. Yours will too. Please vote on Tuesday. We all need for you to vote.

6 responses to “Please vote!

  1. Not too bad. Only about eight people ahead of me. Faster than on election day for sure. How was it by you?

  2. I have voted in every election since 1960. I accept the responsibility of being a citizen of this blessed country.

  3. I voted early, just to let you know!

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