Why I Blew You Off Last Friday

I apologize to you, my subscribers and regular readers, for blowing off last week’s blog post. Frankly, I let an ACT OF GOD get in the way. I blamed Mother Nature.

But the onus is on me.

68 weeks ago – December 2, 2011 to be exact – I committed to post a bit of wisdom every Friday. And so I did – through a sunless Indiana winter, through wicked blues and grieving over leaving Las Cruces, then through a reawakening of spirit this past spring.

I even schlepped my MacBook to Cancun in early June and wrote about the joys of kissing a manatee.

So why let a gazillion-volt bolt of lightning keep my fingers off the keys last week?

My Nikon shot this last August in New Mexico, but there was no way to shoot the lightning that ate last week's blog post.

We-e-ll, while Mother Nature’s Light Extravaganza at 3 a.m. last Wednesday morning didn’t hurt anyone – thanks, Mom – it did blow smoke up a neighbor’s electrical system, bringing out the fire trucks. And frying my cable, modem and router.

Utility trucks were in the neighborhood the next morning. Comcast didn’t/couldn’t take repeated calls but pressing “2 for technical support” got me a recording citing weather-related service issues. “Please be patient,” etc. Michael, at Apple had me try this and that. “Hmmm, may I place you on hold while I check something else here?” Sure, Michael. He came back on the line to say that my router was “not only merely dead but really most sincerely dead.” 

The blog should have been posted by 6 a.m. or so Friday, but it took a few hundred dollars and several hours to get my system back in place. Then, company came for the weekend, I went to a party Saturday night, spent Sunday at the beach …

“Why didn’t you just take your Mac to Starbucks?” you ask. Exactly. Sorry.

Monday I felt GUILTY. Curiously enough, on Tuesday – my topic WENT AWAY! I was planning a post about what promised to be an amazing beach-sound-stargazing experience at the Indiana Dunes August 10 in conjunction with the Perseid Meteor showers. (Read about the Perseid Meteor Shower.)

I feel fairly confident the meteors will be showering this weekend, but you’ll have to provide your own music.

My sister says, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” I’ve never fully appreciated that saying until  lightning ate my blog post.

If WordScarab is about finding nuggets of wisdom in the detritus of life, what’s the wisdom here?

1. You can count on Mother Nature to make things right.

2. You can count me to feel guilty for blowing off commitments. Are you that way, too?

It’s not a bad thing, feeling guilty for blowing off commitments. That guilt, or avoidance thereof, can be a main motivator. Life Success Seminars teaches that the quality of our lives lies in direct proportion to the commitments we make and keep.

With that in mind, see you next week  – come hell or high water. (Note to Mother Nature: it’s just a manner of speaking.)





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  1. You rock.

  2. pulled all of the “pieces” together nicely!

  3. Sounded like you made all that up!
    Just kidding- happy no one got cooked!

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