60 is the new 45

Last weekend, four lifelong girlfriends reminded me how fast time flies.

Theda, Linda, Karen and Janet drove to chez moi from near and far-ish for our third reunion in 41 years. I know, we could have done a bit better than that but maybe that’s why we’re still friends. Although, I doubt that.

We’re still friends because when you’ve known each other as long as we have, we simply pick up where we left off. No, we don’t show up with pom-pom in our mitts. We show up with our favorite foods, beverages and family photos.

More than that, we show up with our best selves. We shared grade school friends, memories, values. We shared the same about high school. Took turns talking about our kids and grandkids – well, their kids and grandkids, my nieces/nephews and their children. (Can you spot us? We’re in there!)

We’ve shared weddings, births and deaths over the years. Hard stuff. Good stuff.

How did we ever get this group together in the first place? I think it was Theda’s doing. She was a class officer, after all! And a great reunion organizer.

Lincoln Park was the location – my apartment on Wrightwood. It was so long ago, they must not have invented cameras because we don’t have one photo. Needless to say we were all gorgeous then 🙂 and probably 30.

Turning 40 called for another celebration. This time in Michigan City, IN.

Beach beauties at 40-ish.

We brought our favorite foods, beverages, jammies and stories. And weren’t we just the beach beauties then!

Time marched on to the beat of a high school drumline – giving us with grandchildren, some medical issues, a few pounds and one or two laugh lines.

Our PJ party last Saturday reminded us of our special connections – being raised Catholic, three of us sharing a grade school, all of us in at least Pom-Pons together (we also overlapped in choir, Girls Athletic Club. (But I think they were all smart enough to steer clear of Latin Club – Io Saturnalia!)

It was great fun. So nice to be connected to such wonderful women.




5 responses to “60 is the new 45

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but personally, I think you all look better at 60. Glad you had such a great time.

  2. Go girlfriends!

  3. This will be my story in a few weeks, five of us, one from 1st grade, all from our scout troop starting in elementary and jr high…getting togeher in the Pismo Beach area for a long weekend….favorite foods, pictures, jammies , love, tears and laughter are on the agenda. Thanks for sharing…I have shared this blog with them….xoxox Lynda

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