A very sushi birthday

Raw fish, sticky rice and wasabe were key ingredients for a most memorable weekend. Why so? Nephew Michael and his wife Mandy were intent on introducing their two teenage nieces to the joys of sushi. You see, for his birthday a few years back someone introduced Mike to the joys of eating raw fish and memories formed like a ball of sticky rice.

Ten of us piled in two wagons for a trek to the Sushi House in Westmont, Illinois – the closest, highest Urbanspoon-rated sushi store we could find. 

Family finds fish filling and fun

I had four “girls” in the car with me. Perhaps you heard us singing our way up and back on I-294.

The Sushi House, Naperville, was the venue for Mike’s birthday sushi in 2002 or so, and he commented that the Westmont restaurant was even better. (Where to find your Sushi House.) A table for 10 was set for us in a nice back dining room. The service was good – thank you, Sophie – and everyone had yummy things to say about their choices.

Except for the saba.

I wanted the girls to try something for which I’ve acquired a taste over the years. It has to be fresh or forget and I took a chance that Sushi House chefs would have good mackerel. They did. I know because I got to enjoy all three pieces I ordered. “Too fishy,” said Lexi. “I tried a bite,” said Julia. “I think it’s just right,” said I. (Later, I wished they hadn’t like the maguro and unagi! Well, not really.)

Nick downed a Godzilla roll with spicy mayo, everyone at least tasted the edamame and gomayo – good for you – and we all sampled a number of other yummy makis including Harvest, Dragon, Spider 2011 rolls, among others.

I’d go back. But now I’d like to find for the family a 90+-percent-rated sushi place closer to their homes in Lake County, IN. Will check Urbanspoon. In the meantime, I remain grateful to be here with my sister and her family – being a part of a fun-filled summer, making my own memories to take back to New Mexico with me next month.

Thanks Mike and Mandy for making it happen, and Happy Birthday, Lexi!

3 responses to “A very sushi birthday

  1. Kristine-
    I love this!!! It is a great way to keep up with you and your travels. You are bookmarked and I will enjoy checking in with you often. This is way better than Facebook. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Garnet Vaughan

    Hey miss Kristine … this is very cool. You are an inspiration. Most people who should blog don’t because they don’t know how to write or don’t like to. I know how and love to but i dont’ becasue other things push blogging to the back burner. So …. your blog launch may just be the nudge I need to blog for my businesses and David’s mayoral campaign.
    As for your sushi story … the catch of the day. The lead was great bait and your colorful recounting filled me to the gills. PLUS I like the look of the page – clean, easy to read – nice job my dear! Keep your pen inked and the ideas flowing…..

  3. Kris…welcome to the blogosphere. I’m excited for you and for the success of your blog. Of course, in that you are charging me a rather exhorbitant membership fee (is anyone else having to pay a fee to subscribe??), my expectations are running high that each post will be pithy, engaging, thought-provoking and wholly inappropriate. Please write about sports, most notably cross-bow hunting. I also could use some financial advice. I’m sure these things will come as you evolve the blog. Best of luck.

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