Any sleep tips for this finely tuned machine?

Closing my eyes 'real tight' doesn't make sleep come any faster.

Ugh – I throw back another gulp of half-caf as I write this. I nearly got out of bed at 1:40 this morning to blog but decided to try reading science fiction instead.

Anything to get back to sleep.

After two aspirin to calm the nerve firing in my hip and two Calms Forte when the aspirin seemed fail, coupled with some Carl Sagan – I must have fallen back asleep sometime after two. Only to be awakened at 5:45 by my houndy-lab’s bark. Protecting our house from the paper boy. Thaaanks, puppy.

My body is locked into a pattern of sleeplessness. It’s been about – oh – 10 days maybe. Maybe eight.

I joke with friends.

“This is a finely-tuned machine, ya know. I’ve got to pay attention to what I eat, do, say or it will act up one way or another.”

It’s no joke.

Our bodies are finely-tuned machines and each of us must know the Owner’s Manual inside and out.

Of course, the manual gets regular updates. And we don’t  always know when the new information is downloaded. Wouldn’t it be nice to plug into a diagnostic computer.

“Well, the printout shows the last Batman movie you saw was more disturbing than you thought. The tenderloin you enjoyed at the wedding coupled with an extra glass of wine played havoc with your digestion. Apparently you forgot to pay Verizon because that bill is lingering in the back of your mind. Remember to gas up before driving to that client meeting in Chicago. And, and, and …” 

The fact is moving, job changes, food, exercise or lack thereof – these things are major contributors to our quality of sleep. So are our relationships, sense of self-esteem, physical issues, nutrition, exercise. Our choice of movies, books, friends.

What’s up, WordScarab? What are you doing to upset your sleep machine?

Well? Hmmm. I’m only drinking and eating healthful things. I’m working out almost every day. My relationships are mostly with healthy, happy people. Clients are awesome. Home is solid. My life is good. I am grateful. But …

… how do you diagnose the subtleties in your life that might be effecting your body, mind, spirit? Do you pay attention to the details that challenge your well-being? What can you do about them?


This short, streamlined body has a low chemical tolerance, which actually has served me well over the years. It means I can’t drink too much, eat too much, take a full dose of most OTC drugs. Definitely cannot do NyQuil – it has the OPPOSITE effect on me. Same with Tylenol PM.

Today, I’m going to cut supplements. Maybe the bee pollen I’m taking for hay fever is over-stimulating the nervous system. Or the whey protein in my smoothies is blocking a good night’s sleep. Maybe it’s the fact that my life is so full I’m buzzing all the time with delight.

Even too much of a good thing can keep the baby awake at night.

I’ll figure this out and sleep will come again. In the meantime, I think I’ll go back to bed. Or maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee. Maybe if I keep writing I’ll bore myself to sleep much as I bored you six graphs ago!



4 responses to “Any sleep tips for this finely tuned machine?

  1. Sleeplessness is difficult to manage.
    Sometimes it can be a good idea to use the extra waking time into creative time.

    You’re a good writer, Kristine – you could turn this difficult time into an opportunity for creating something extraordinary.

    • Thanks for reading, Mary. And thanks for taking time to comment. Sleeping much better now that I’ve cut bee-pollen. Who knew?

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