Channeling Frank

Good morning! I wrote this a few months ago and never shared it. Let me know what you think.

It’s a gorgeous late summer afternoon. We’re just back from a few hours’ walk in the duneland woods, and I find I need to rush a bit to have dinner for 4 ready at 6. Why is it as I pull out onions and butter to start a tomato-onion tart that I need to turn on the TV – intent on finding golf?

“Golf?” my husband asks. “You watch golf?”

Normally, no.

I’m no longer a golfer and I don’t watch golf, much. But some Sunday afternoons I look for the match of the week. “Maybe it’s the peaceful voice of the announcer that soothes me,” I think; I wonder. “Maybe it’s …”

Today I think it’s because I’m channeling my dad.


That morning in church I tried channeling my parents – first mom and then dad – as I said the Our Father along with a hundred other voices. I imagined them forming the words using my lips. It was a wonderful exercise. I’m sure I’ll try it again.

We are our parents – half mom’s DNA, half dad’s. We might not like some of the things we inherited from them but then if we don’t like “that” – then we tend not to like ourselves and blame them. Or blame others.

Time and wisdom teach us to accept ourselves as we are. If there are attributes we don’t like, we get to change them. And at the same time can be grateful for the gifts our parents gave us, even enjoying televised golf on a summer Sunday.


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  1. I happen to work with lots of much younger”kids”. Before I can stop it, actual phrases my mom said now shoot out of my mouth. Oh yes, I am my mother’s daughter.

  2. Love this article especially on parents DNA “50/50%” We have the choice to be ourselves. People may comment, “oh, you are just like your father or mother” that is really their own story, & we have our own story, we cannot take anything “personally” that is toxic to our souls. So, be happy ,& enjoy everything & everyone. LOVE is the key to peaceful hearts.

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