Happy Birthday, Otto!

Sun Catcher

Sun shines through the north window.
The back of an oak chair defies the rays,

forcing its shadow on the kitchen tablecloth.
Sunlight, stronger still, glows
around the dull yellow shadow
and the shape
slowly, slowly recedes.
Soon it will be gone.
Then the chair will be pulled back –
an oak perch employed for
this morning’s readings, chattings,
sippings, listenings, munchings.
That shadow will never appear again
but as sure as sunrise,
it will be replaced the next sunny day
by another,
if someone is there to catch it.

6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Otto!

  1. “… defies the rays…”

    Nice word-smithing my dear. Keep at it! (The writing and the cooking and the contact paper scraping no doubt).
    Actually that reminds me: at my first house, just steps from the Butler campus, the decades old kitchen had “great potential” but a very small kitchen counter covered in (drum roll please) linoleum tile squares. Couldn’t wait to scrape those off. How tough could it be? An easy Sunday evening project that lasted for daaaaayyyyys. The homeowners responsible for the linoleum brainstorm were no doubt thrilled with their epiphany on economically covering up what THEY thought was ugly and inappropriate – the CONTACT PAPER counter cover underneath. I suppose, someday, new residents will wrestle to remove hefty granite counters in kitchens from coast to coast, uttering comments sounding much like ours, “what were they thinking?”

  2. 12/9/11 9:50pm
    As a photojournalist I always believed a picture was worth a thousand words. I would get a script and try to visualize what pictures…video…would work with these words. Your words in “Happy Birthday Otto” evoked an emotion…….a attempted visualization……I’m not sure any picture could capture. Thank you for that. Mike Smith

  3. one of the best things would be, to be there, next would be able to read about it from your accounting. Someone is sure to be there. Thanks

  4. comments working ok?

  5. The word picture captures the essence of the moment beautifully!


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