Is your negative antenna up, too?

When I've got the blues, my negative antenna pops up and the world looks darker.

If you’re a “misery loves company” person this post is for you.

The fact is, I’ve been working for three years to move back to Indiana and now that I’m here I have to reestablish myself, join new organizations and make new friends. It’s all good because I know what I need to do to make me happy. But it’s a process that takes time, and meanwhile, well, I’ve been down this week. When that happens, my “negative antenna” pops up and tunes to station C-R-A-P. Where’s Bobby McFerrin when you need him?

Sitting in my pity pot I have been distracted by so many things that I haven’t been able to write. In fact, my desk work was so pitiful I had to take a few days off for “spring cleaning.” And as I sit at the keyboard today, my mind is mired in muck – senseless killings in Afghanistan, France and Florida, ongoing mood assassinations at home.

I am a “can’t-we-all-just-get-along?” sort of person. We are in Afghanistan to fight the Talaban; a dozen years, thousands lost. We hear progress is being made yet we also hear our soldiers are pissing on corpses, burning the Quran and killing innocent men, women and children. No wonder they want us out. Imagine Afghans inhabiting our country to do what the world thinks is the right thing, but then to act like they own the place by desecrating soldiers bodies, burning the Bible, killing innocent families.

A 23-year-old supposed al-Queda supporter in Toulouse, France kills Jewish students in front of their school, among others. Some self-appointed “watchman” in Florida kills a black teenager “in self defense.” Really? (Hey! Maybe those Skittles were loaded.) In Chicago, a little girl was shot while sitting in front of her mother on their front stoop. Based on the little I know about gangs, killing a 6-year-old in front of her mother might have been some gang banger initiation. Really.

Closer to home, I hear about unhappy people attacking their loved ones. “He or she is not good enough” so they are pissed on, burned and ignored by their partners. This has been going on for years. Not in every corner. No, there are some good relationships among us, but there also are enough good people being mistreated it makes me ill.

What I’ve learned over the years is that when I’m in a bad mood, I try not to let my sh–aving cream hit the fan and splatter others. It’s gotten easier to say something like, “sorry if I’m out of sorts today. I’ve gotten myself in a hole and I’m working on climbing out. Thanks for understanding.”

What about you? Are you able to own your feelings? Do you know what you need to do to end the war in your corner of the world? Let me know.

And thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I feel better. (Now, here’s Bobby!)


7 responses to “Is your negative antenna up, too?

  1. acknowledge the negative n laugh at it. then it goes away.

  2. This is a brave post – exposing vulnerability. I’m guessing it wasn’t easy to do, yet necessary. Maybe owning your feelings, as you say, is the way out of such places. It’s a nice exercise in boundaries. You admit your feelings but do not afflict them on others. Nice balancing act. Nice negative post. A real trick. I admire it – and especially like the blue photo.

  3. Really loved this….not that you were upset and negative, but you captured how most of us feel from time to time. It is so true how we get on a roll and attract more negativity, the more we think about the war in our minds and in the world. In that kind of mood, maybe its not the best time to be with a friend, but I do think that women’s groups that focus on friendship and support are most helpful in preventing those feelings. What I find helpful, also, is yoga, inspiring movies, shows, articles, meditation and MUSIC. Sometimes, I just give in, go ahead and think about those negative things, get it over with, have a glass of wine, and call it a day (go to bed early). LOL

  4. Some friends of mine the Badders moved from Delta Jct. & North Pole both are small towns in Alaska to Death Valley National Park about eight years ago. The move was good. They all enjoyed the warmer weather & very dry climate. Denice the wife and mother became despondent and down. She got sucked into the Los Angeles TV newscast. Targedies, drugs, violense, people were getting murdered everyday. Her sons made her stop watching the news. She got a better additude & every thing was O.K. You have to be careful of what you see. The evil can suck you in and give you a bad additude. The evil can destroy you.
    Keep yourself occupied with good ativities and thoughts.

  5. What we all have to remember is the media wants to report what isn’t working to bring viewers while most of us care about others.
    Great vent on your part – keep it up and eventually the next round of creativity will appear.

  6. For an attitude adjustment I go ride my bike. Simple yet effective.

  7. sounds like an effective mental “enema”…makes space healthier whether mind, body, or spirit@

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