Knit one heal two, SUH

Knitting makes fabric one stitch at a time. It can be meditative when the stitch pattern is a simple knit-one, purl two or maddening when dropped stitches leave your work looking moth-eaten before it’s time. But what many knitters enjoy most is that it’s a gift that gives twice.

Yesterday I completed a piece that’s part of a spring knitting contest at our

A summery top – a treat for the crafter and the wearer (I hope!)

local, deluxe yarn shop, Sheep’s Clothing ( Paula the Knit Doctor and Sheep’s owner said as of yesterday afternoon, 75 garments were made using more than 62,000 yards of yarn.  (

I rushed to finish a piece for the niece it will fit, and beat today’s 5 p.m. deadline. It was a treat for me to walk into the shop with my tunic on a hanger. As per the contest, I received 8 entry slips for each hank of yarn used (about 800 yards) to enter a drawing for yarn and supplies. Step aside knitters. I’ve already won.

Any creative process involves a commitment of time, talent, resources. And it seems the more of yourself you put into the process the greater your rewards. You parents out there know this better than I. The way I see it, cooking, woodworking, gardening, writing, knitting – these “ings” that have been part of life on this planet for generations offer so many rewards. I LOVE knitting.

Thanks to my friend Kate in Cincinnati, I’ve been on the needles since 2006. Some WordScarab readers have “my” socks, baby clothes, scarves, and now this summery top. I am delighted! I’ve won the contest because I so enjoyed making this piece, and I will win again when I see it on the curvy body of one of my wonderful nieces. (Don’t honestly know who will wear it, folks. It’s like the glass slipper, it’s got to fit.)

As I age, I laughingly think of myself as the old maid aunt, knitting away the hours. My life is so rich with friends, family. I enjoy biking, walking in nature. Writing. And knitting. If this is my life for the next few decades, I’m happy. I’m grateful and I’m happy.

What about you? What creative process gets your juices flowing?

3 responses to “Knit one heal two, SUH

  1. please add me to your blog, I think I am sun (ala brain ) dead to see how to do it myself….you make me want to venture beyond scarves in knitting….thanks

  2. I am the recipient of one of your scarves: my favorite cobalt blue winter scarf….with blue bead! It is the best!
    IRT the question: my early morning and being in nature get the creativity going.

  3. I sure love your writings Kris, old or not, you still have an incredible creative flair… and I’m envious. I want a job which leaves headspace for reintroducing a creative hobby… dale

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