Not exactly White Castle’s

Cousin Karen Sandrick was in town last week for a quick visit and tour before meeting up with her friend John from Albuquerque. Since ABQ is about 260 miles up the road from Las Cruces, John suggested we meet at The Owl Bar & Café in San Antonio. (Worth the trip if you’re ever in the ‘hood.)

Sandrick cousins last Friday at The Owl Bar & Café in San Antonio, NM.

I overheard Karen on the phone telling John we would meet him at The Owl ‘Café’ – since I’ve been there and know the place to be kinda funky, I told her I was sure it wouldn’t qualify as a café. Wrong again, chili breath. Yes, it is funky, but it weren’t for the café, we wouldn’t have had their world famous green chili cheeseburgers.

The Owl Bar’s green chili cheeseburgers are so good! Generous, handmade patties are made from good meat that’s ground fresh daily. The cheese is surprisingly flavorful and the chili has a nice bite. Made my eyebrows “glisten.” Enjoy it with a Diet Coke or a Negro Modelo. Or even a shot of tequila, right Amy? Oh, and their onion rings are tasty, crispy, yummy, too.

John, a transplanted Chicagoan, is a docent at the museum in Albuquerque and a walking New Mexico history book with fascinating stories and facts. He told us the bar itself had been in the hotel Conrad Hilton owned in San Antonio. (Conrad Hilton was born in San Antonio, NM in 1887 and opened a hotel there in 1919 to serve train travelers.)

After we said our goodbyes and John and Karen headed up I25 to ABQ, I

Rowena smiles down her well-stocked Conrad Hilton bar.

grabbed my camera and went back in to shoot the bar and was fortunate to meet one of the owners, Rowena Baca. It’s a mere 139 miles from Las Cruces and well worth the trip. Glad Karen was visiting and John suggested it as a meeting point so I could enjoy one more of the “World’s Finest Hamburgers” before moving back to the midwest later this month.

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  2. San Antonio NEW MEXICO? Really? Why?

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