‘This is too exciting, I must say …’

Watching old SNL skits featuring Martin Short as Ed Grimley is way more fun that writing about aging, no doubt.

On my way to writing a terribly poignant yet boringly philosophical treatise on “H-ing,” I found myself on YouTube. Where else? Conducting, ah-hum, important, journalistic research on a quote from a man to be admired, Ed Grimley.

After a good hour watching the few circa 1980s “Saturday Night Live” sketches with Martin Short’s Grimley I wanted more.

Here’s a homely looking guy in a super-modest (only slightly oxymoronic, I must say) apartment. Short’s Grimley is a pixie with shark-toothed hair, bared teeth, pants pulled up to his midriff. Michael Jackson stole his hand-on-the crotch gestures from Ed, no doubt. He prances about his flat, plays the triangle and dances with abandon. Would that we could all be so carefree. But wait, there’s more.

Pat Sajak is his hero, “You can’t find a more decent guy than Pat, you know.” When the devil, played by Jon Lovitz, offers Ed $50 in Christmas cash, Grimley painfully ponders his options before replying, “I’m afraid to say that I have to say no because I’m not completely convinced that your intentions are honorable and I don’t think I’d fair very well in hell, what with the heat and everything.” I can’t do him justice. Give yourself a break and watch this clip.

“Oh and I supposed that’s not fun.” I mean it! Now go. Shoo!


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