‘What is WordScarab and how can I subscribe?’

Thanks to those who asked about subscribing. Here’s an update from the “About” page and a note about using the RSS button to subscribe. 

Writers write. But without readers, without making a connection, I’m just talkin’ to myself – again. Thanks for letting me share some thoughts with you!

My formal training is in journalism and my career path led me to business management. But while I often felt “in control” at work, I felt “out of control” at home. In fact, I joked that I had a split personality – corporate marketing powerhouse and conflicted homemaker. In hindsight, I think my then partner preferred the powerhouse. But …

… when the marriage ended more than a decade ago, the events surrounding it caused me to become a perennial student of life. Along the way I’ve come to  realize what a gift it is to find wisdom in life’s trials. We are here to learn.

My goal through this blog is to help you find that wisdom sooner. If through my writing you find a nugget of wisdom, we all win. And if you care to share the wisdom of your journey so others may learn and grow, so much the better.

Plus, everyone has a story and wisdom to share. I’d like to introduce you to some of the people (and some places) I encounter along the way.

As a girl I wanted to be an Egyptologist or an oceanographer but my right brain led me to English, journalism and marketing. WordScarab is derived from the birth sign for June/July and the Egyptian symbol for Cancer, scarab.

Please follow along as I find nuggets of wisdom in the detritus of life. I’m having a great time and I am grateful. I wish the same for you.

Now, please do me a favor and subscribe. It’s free! And you just might gain some insight that will serve you. See my photo at the top right of the page? To subscribe/receive email notices of new posts, click the orange “RSS” (Really Simple Syndication) key under my photo. You’ll be directed to a page that lets you select something like Google+ and that will deliver WordScarab posts to your home page. (NOTE: I’m working to make subscribing easier than it is now. Please stay tuned.)

Now how cool is that.

Thanks for reading.  Kristine



3 responses to “‘What is WordScarab and how can I subscribe?’

  1. ok…where isnthe subscription link, my dear?

    • Thanks for asking. Use the orange button under my photo. It will take you to a page of browser options. Just click the one that works for you and you’re on the list!

  2. grateful to share some of your journey!

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