Whoa! I need to lose weight

My weight is kind of embarrassing. No, not my body weight. It’s fine. I’m still lighter than I was in college. Nope, I mean my worldly weight … it’s about my stuff, and it’s heavy.

A week ago Friday, I watched three guys pack box after box of dishes, linens, books, pictures and other accumulated who-knows-what into dozens of boxes. It took most of that day to pack. And I thought I’d gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. Several loads of small furniture, clothes, books and lamps to a couple of charity sales. And then there was my own first, and last, garage sale in April.

How many boxes, guys?

“87, so far.”

Wow, really?

The next day they moved at least a hundred items including those boxes plus two ladders and other yard/garage necessities; plastic totes packed with sweaters, shoes, whathaveyou; wardrobes with coats and wool wares; and some furniture. Only “some” furniture because the folks that bought my house wanted most of it. Everything but the office furniture and the few things I excluded (for the record: one small bookcase, a small maple table with four chairs and the faux rattan from the back porch.)

Ray, the Interstate Relocation Van Foreman, pulled out of Calais Avenue about 1 p.m. Mountain Time on Saturday destined for St. Louis, Peoria and then Michigan City, IN where my stuff will be stored.

It all seemed to go well. Heidi, Ray and the Allied Van Lines team did a great job.

BUT the reality check came early this week when I got the bill.

“7,720 pounds”  That’s nuts. What am I doing with 7,700 pounds of stuff? Three guys boxed it, three guys packed it, Ray hauled it 1,479 miles, some guys are going to put it in storage containers and THEN when I find the next dream house guys will take it out of storage containers, load it on to the truck, UNLOAD it at my new place for me to unpack and put somewhere. Where? Why?

Now I’m thinking that April garage sale wasn’t my last. I’ve moved six times in the past 13 years and I promise I’ve gotten rid of stuff every time. There are no chotchkies in my house. But I do have cookware, baking dishes, artwork, clothes, books and other “necessities”. Okay, I also have bags of yarn, a couple of guitars I don’t yet know how to play and a bunch of snowmen that only come out for a few weeks each year.

How much stuff do we need?

I find myself thinking about making a smaller imprint on the planet and a larger impression in the world … being kinder, more accepting, more fun and hoping it rubs off on those I meet.

I like that. Let me work on it for awhile and get back to you. In the meantime, I’ve got to go on a diet. Why do I need two dictionaries?



2 responses to “Whoa! I need to lose weight

  1. Accumulating stuff is the American Way. We are bombarded with mass marketing everyday striving to get us to purchase more stuff. Our society has moved a long way from the cowboy and his horse carrying whatever stuff they owned on their backs.
    I do not even think that a Subaru Outback with a magic box on top is even practical for carrying all the stuff that an American can scale down to. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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