Yule be too cool

Cool dog, Awg.

Yesterday, my hot dog Aw’gy and I were motating in my spiffy new Outback from Crown Point, IN through Kankakee – where, just two months ago, my then-EOS contracted an immediate flat – to B’ton/ Normal, IL. to visit my brother and his wife.

Hitting “play” on the iPod was akin to being launched through the freeway door on the Rockin Roller Coaster. I bounced through favorites from “Born to Be Wild,” to “LA Goodbye,” along with a few measures from Vivaldi and Faure.

Had to blow past those old boys. It was just too hot for a requiem. But amidst great old rock from the hot summers long gone, were some cool tunes that – while decidedly out of season – helped me chill, if for just a few minutes.

C’mon. Try it.

Close your eyes and hear “Christmas in Killarney” (“with all of the folks at home.” Even better, Manhattan Tranfer’s “Snowfall.”

“Snowflakes, whisper, ‘neath my window … covering trees, misty light, velvet breezes, ’round my doorstep …” Feel the snow on your face. See it floating like diamonds through the streetlight. Whoa. Some just drifted down your coat collar – sending a cold wet surprise down your back.

I get a chill just thinking about it.

It’s 98 degrees in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois right now, and in much of the country from what I can see. Meditate on the crisp, winter nights when you want your favorite socks, a toasty blanket and your favorite mead. You may be so cold it’s hard to warm up. Think about it. You’ll be cool soon. As if you’re not already.

Just don’t meditate on cool with your laptop in the obvious place. Kinda defeats the mood.





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  1. Between summer quarters and catching up on life in general, including your new site. It’s a cool thing. Condolences to Kate regarding dear dog. I can only imagine – we just got dog insurance becuase we realized after his car accident that we would pay a large sum of money to keep him alive! I have 2 sons!

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