Fall in love with an easy green stew

Thanks to tastespotting for this photo. I'll post my own tomorrow.

It’s time to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. That’s right, it Falls tomorrow morning.

Here in Hoosierland it’s cool, cloudy and a good weekend to fill the kitchen with the fragrance of a hearty stew.

I’m entertaining some high school girlfriends this weekend and offered to have lunch ready when they arrive. My hope is they’ll enjoy this quick and easy dish I found and shared with WordScarab readers last December, Green Posole with Chicken. (Read about it!)

What better way to enjoy the first day of fall than with an easy green stew. You can take days making posole with pork, and there are a number of wonderful recipes available for that traditional dish. Or, you can simply throw together a diced onion, a shredded rotisserie chicken and a few cans of stock, salsa and hominy to create this hearty soup your family will love.

I like this recipe from 2009: Easy Green Posole with Chicken ala Epicurious. I’ve made it a few times. Someone always asks for the recipe. Try it, share it. Enjoy it.

Now, I’ve got to run to the store. Happy Fall!


4 responses to “Fall in love with an easy green stew

  1. Who from high school did you entertain?

  2. Have a wonderful weekend with your friends! They will LOVE your “green stew,” it’s a great dish!

    See you next weekend!

  3. Kristine! Where have you been, girlfriend? I have missed you. don’t have the latest contact information for KS…please send your IN home address (and if you have a new email) to my email. Thanks! Have a great weekend!!!

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