I’m Too Sexy for the Internet

I can assure you that not every image associated with me on the Internet is me.

There’s a line from the first Harry Potter movie that rings in my ears from time to time as appropriate. “How could I BE so STUPID!” Hermione Granger said, realizing the obvious had been under her nose the whole time.

That’s how I felt Wednesday night when just before turning out the lights, I casually “Googled” myself – only to find that in addition to my jobs, articles and quotes over the years, I now have a gallery of “images.” I was honestly astounded to see the photos linked to me.

I swear, sometimes I think I’ve slept through the instructions.

Of course, this blog – anything – posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB is out there for the uh, world! But I never expected to see “images.” Oh, well. I’m okay with my mug being out there. When I have my book signing in 2014 (I can dream) autographs seekers in the que will say, “Wow, she’s a lot shorter in real life.” Or, “Oh, I her face isn’t really blue.” Whatever.

But there are pictures of my family, business acquaintances with whom I’m “linked” but haven’t seen or talked to in decades, my dog! There are photos of sexy models I wish were me. What the heck? Who ARE these people. 

I’ll figure out how to report/delete the erroneous (Huh. Right.) and keep what makes sense. In the meantime, I was looking forward to writing about my BFFx2 – Garnet and Robin – who have been here this week for a long-overdue reunion. We three met in our first jobs out of college, “grew up together” in the shopping center industry and have forged more than a ya-ya sisterhood over 37-years.  But Wednesday night my plans came to a screeching halt when I saw my dog’s mug next to some unknown models.

What’s the wisdom here? Sometimes ignorance is bliss and sometimes it can get us in trouble. There’s no harm in my face being in the public’s eye – I’ve got a damn blog for cryin’-out-loud. But my friend’s baby in the sweater I knitted? Dead uncles? I feel badly about exposing some of these images. It will alter my use of photos going forward. I could either withdraw or get more creative.

Guess I'm going to have to get more creative. Game on!



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