Frozen goose feet and other winter delights

Rich, it’s rich, I tell you!

There is so much to talk about this week – the president renewed, Roe v Wade again, a big fire in downtown Whiting. When I can’t decide what to write, what to say … I  let nature have it’s way. So this post is about goose liver on ice.

geeseNot just goose liver (although I am a big fois grais fan and while in France circa 2002, my travel brothers Mark and Ned called it fwa gra. No! It was frog wah – the web between frog’s “fingers.”) Ahem. Not just goose liver on ice, but goose bodies complete with all movable parts.

It was 4 degrees  at about 9 this morning when Aw’gy and I walked the local lakeside road. And I must admit I will always be astounded to see geese sitting, sunning on ice. What IS it about the solid surface that attracts them. And how DO they do it? How can they sit or float on ice? It’s cold!!!

I would have been frozen if not for the layers – a pink n white fleece sweater over a cotton t-neck, fleece Lincoln Park Zoo-socks-sporting-polar-bears inside thinsulate-lined  North Face boots (the WARMEST boots I’ve ever worn), “longies” under jeans, long red down coat, polartec gloves inside polartec mittens PLUS ear covers, a wool knit hat and a hood. I was warm but I was the Michelin uh, woman.

Less than a half-mile from my house I spotted the geese – say, a hundred of ’em – hanging out on the ice in all their glory. They were peaceful, quiet, resting in the morning sun. How do they do it? And why?

“Well, they do have that built-in down,” my friend said.

Oh, down! Right. Goose down. We pluck it and use it in our, oops. My red coat. Oooohhhh. So sorry. You’re goosey Aunt Georgia is on the lake in spirit – she’s been turned into my hood and her liver is being eaten by Pierre and Jacqueline pour diner c’est soir.

These living geese seem so peaceful. Resting in the winter’s morning sun. Far enough from shore that Aw’gy and I didn’t bother them. Close enough that I could enjoy their presence, their peace.

Yes, Michele looked great in that Grecian-style red dress. But these geese looked good too – chllin’ on the local lake. And to think, this is “south for winter” for these winged wanderers.

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  1. Foie gras and goose down aren’t the only by-products. Our Slovak ancestors also valued the goose for its winter cold remedy. Goose grease was an early version of Vick’s Vapo-Rub. Wonder if anyone still roasts a goose and saves the grease for medicinal purposes?

    Winter does bring some special delights into our lives. About a dozen deer were having their lunch in my backyard as I ate mine. The grass has not turned brown this winter so there was plenty to eat.

  2. good one Kris – rich

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