Now why don’t she write?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Where was my Friday blogpost? How could I be such an unreliable journalist, missing my self imposed deadline? Sigh.

I’m sailing. Taking a week-long class through Off-Shore Sailing on Captiva. Yes, I have my laptop with me, and no I didn’t write this weekend.

I was up to my digits in knots, sails and sheets. Learning the lingo, falling off, heading up and tightening the boom vang. Something I wanted to do years ago but just couldn’t see myself taking a week off to do something so – vacationy. Taking a week off work, spending money to sail. How could I?

In fact, it’s been nearly a dozen years since I first set eyes on the Off-Shore Sailing program. It was during the Simply Sail show at Nayv Pier, February 2001 when I got bit by the boat bug.

And it had to be sailboats – no motors for me. No cigarettes, no gas-guzzlers, no loud motors. Give me the wind, the water, the rush of H20 over the bow and rudder.

Start small, I thought. Cheap. Stay at home.

I took classes in a small boat with a daggerboard off Belmont Harbor. We got plenty wet on Lake Michigan and I loved it, but …

The next year it was the Simply Sail program through Chicago Youth Hostels and Hostelry International. Rhodes 19s, I think. We sailed off cans in Monroe Harbor. But there just wasn’t’ enough time for me to get the hang of gybing. And I’ll never forget the feeling of flying downwind toward The She’d Aquarium with the skipper yelling, jibe ho, jibe ho – throw the tiller now! sigh.

This May I was considering braces to correct some lower teeth issues. At the same time, my realtor friend Holly was over for coffee. I was talking about moving to Chicago to be closer (than 11 miles) to the lake. Then she reminded me about the Michigan City Yacht Club. Might want to crew there, she said, to get some confidence in your abilities.

Let’s see – braces or sailing. Braces? Sailing?

Three girls and our captain our three days into a 7-day class. I’ve had plenty of tiller time, am more confident in gybing and coming about. Today we moved up to a 43′ Dufour and we’re learning about engines, springer lines and parking at a dock.

No daggerboard for me. I am so fortunate and I know it. I only wish I’d had confidence enough 11 years ago to pursue a dream. So I ask you, in this one life you have, what is your dream, and what are you waiting for?

Braces? I don't think so.

4 responses to “Now why don’t she write?

  1. Bring on the propellers! And the bow thrusters.

  2. Kris,
    Sailing sounds exciting. Learn all you can.
    I am not a sailor but I do remember sailing on a friends boat in Puget Sound & another time sailing in Naragatsuts Bay where the New York Yacht Club is. Those were good times.

    • I bet that was a wonderful trip. Any photos you can share? Would be happy to post to WordScarab.
      Thanks for your note, Bob. Thanks for reading. Would love to post one of your sailing photos!

  3. Sheesh, you look happy… 🙂 have you grown fins yet?

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