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Why I Blew You Off Last Friday

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I apologize to you, my subscribers and regular readers, for blowing off last week’s blog post. Frankly, I let an ACT OF GOD get in the way. I blamed Mother Nature. But the onus is on me. 68 weeks ago … Continue reading

Have you ever ‘accidentally’ jumped ship?

From guardian news.com, "Italian navy divers approach the cruise ship." Photograph by Gregorio Borgia/AP

Have you ever “accidentally” jumped ship?

Your doctor told you to lose weight, so Monday you committed to “low carbs and cardio.” But it only lasted until your co-workers talked you into making lasagna for a potluck. And you make the best lasagna and there were chips and cake and …

You let down a friend. Told her you had a headache. Headaches happen, for real – much of the time – other pains too. But we can make ourselves sick when we’re caught between “said we’d do” and “rather do.” I’ve done it. Continue reading