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What’s for dinner?

Hey, hi!

Just a quick post today between writing and cooking. My sister said she’s never tried capers and I’ve had a taste for them so tonight I’m making Lemon-Caper chicken with sauteed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes. Should be pretty quick.

Caveat: if you want to make this dish, you might want to find another recipe source because I tend not to measure if I can help it.

Thanks to Taste of Home for this image.

Rub sweet potatoes with olive oil and bake for about 45 minutes in a 350-ish oven. Today I bought three small ones, each no more than 3 inches long, so we can each have one, because I’m not sharing mine!

While those are baking: Heat a saute pan, add and heat olive oil over fairly high heat, then add (an appropriate number of) 4-oz. chicken breasts. The chicken will pop and sizzle because of the high heat so be sure to have a lid handy. The higher flame helps seal in the juices. Cook about 5 minutes on each side. Take the chicken out of the pan and keep warm. Keep juices in the pan but put it aside while you …

Cut up broccoli and saute in garlic olive oil.

While that’s working, put the chicken pan over a medium flame and deglaze with white wine (or chicken stock), add a couple tablespoons butter, 3 T lemon juice and about 3 T of capers. After this comes to a simmer, add chicken to warm.

Serve chicken with sauce spooned on top, grate fresh Italian cheese over the broccoli and add pepper. (Stracks was out of fresh parmesan today. Can you believe it? So I bought Romano.) Cut the sweet potatoes in half and serve with a bit of better and pepper.

One of my favorites. It’s healthful, colorful, easy to make and oh so tasty too.




Fish tacos – yum!

If you’ve never had fish tacos, you’re in for a treat.

Thanks to Elise at Simply Recipes.com for this summer recipe.

Of course, you have to like fish and be open minded about a nontraditional filling such as meat or chicken. But on these hot summer days, a fresh, crunchy, tangy fish taco or three – paired with a crisp white wine – make for a great summer supper.

One day recently I had a hankering for fish tacos. For me, that “hankering” builds up over time – maybe only a few days, or if it’s fattening I may think about it for months – and then I’ll go on line, type in the key ingredients and wait for the options to unfold.

In this case, Simply Recipe’s Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa won. (Link to Simply Recipes) I made the salsa first so all the juices could mingle, and I put it in the fridge for at least an hour before dinner. The cool mango and spicy hot jalapeño work great together.

Even though I usually find better fresh fish in the midwest than here in the desert (no duh, right?) the fresh fish just didn’t look great that day. But I did find frozen talapia on sale – individually wrapped fillets, and they were great.

With fish, grain, fruit, vegetables and wine – this dinner covers all the food

Try these chocolates paired with red berries.

groups! For a quick dessert, serve fresh strawberries with Lindt’s dark chocolate squares. My favorite combination is Chili and Intense Orange. Yes, chili-flavored dark chocolate. Believe it or not, I buy them at Walgreens.

Yum. When’s dinner?

Chef? Nah. Just a good reader.

If you can read you can cook. That’s my philosophy.

Olivier slices while I try to remember the rest of the recipe.

People think I’m a good cook and I think two things – it’s always “two things” with me. One is, it’s relative, really. If all you ever eat is polish sausage and sauerkraut or tuna casserole – manna for my family when I was growing up, oh, and Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and fish sticks or “Bean Medley” (ohmygosh)  – and then sit down to my grilled salmon, dirty red roasted garlic potatoes with sauteed leeks and brussel spouts, you might think I’m a good cook.

But the other thing is, I don’t think I’m as much a cook as I am a reader, or direction follower. I went to a Catholic grade school. I know how to follow directions for cry-eye.  Continue reading