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Yule be too cool

Cool dog, Awg.

Yesterday, my hot dog Aw’gy and I were motating in my spiffy new Outback from Crown Point, IN through Kankakee – where, just two months ago, my then-EOS contracted an immediate flat – to B’ton/ Normal, IL. to visit my brother and his wife.

Hitting “play” on the iPod was akin to being launched through the freeway door on the Rockin Roller Coaster. I bounced through favorites from “Born to Be Wild,” to “LA Goodbye,” along with a few measures from Vivaldi and Faure.

Had to blow past those old boys. It was just too hot for a requiem. But amidst great old rock from the hot summers long gone, were some cool tunes that – Continue reading

For dog lovers only

My friend Kate wrote me a sad note yesterday.

“We had a lot of sadness over the weekend. Mae Mae went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and they wanted to do a simple operation to open up her nasal passages so she could breathe better. She developed a blood clot and died of a heart attack. Our hearts are broken.”

Kate with Joon, one of Mae Mae's cousins, in Cincinnati, July 2010.

Before my four-legged, fuzzy boy Aw’gy came into my life, I had no idea about true puppy love. Hadn’t a clue about how much a dog could lift my spirits.

Some mornings in Las Cruces, we’ll walk over to the desert near my house. I’ll let him off his leash and can’t help but smile as he takes off after a bunny he’ll never catch. It’s Continue reading

I’m free

Celebrating Independence Day in Munchkin Land“Today is a day of independence, for all the munchkins and their decendents.” Mayor of  the Munchkin City, in the County of the Land of Oz


My dog Aw’gy is leaning his muzzle against my thigh as I write this. He’s begging for his morning outing – he whines, walks around the kitchen, comes back and sniffs the hem of my shorts. Try as I might not to anthropomorphize, I imagine him thinking: they look like walking shorts, they sure smell like walking shorts, then what the heck is she doin’ sitting here. I’m ready to get out. Come on, girl.  Continue reading