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Teach your children well

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How do you know, when you’re 4 or 19 or 25 – or even 50 for that matter – what you want to do with the rest of your life? When I was a kid, thanks to Mike Nelson and … Continue reading

Whoa! I need to lose weight

My weight is kind of embarrassing. No, not my body weight. It’s fine. I’m still lighter than I was in college. Nope, I mean my worldly weight … it’s about my stuff, and it’s heavy.

A week ago Friday, I watched three guys pack box after box of dishes, linens, books, pictures and other accumulated who-knows-what into dozens of boxes. It took most of that day to pack. And I thought I’d gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. Several loads of small furniture, clothes, books and lamps to a couple of charity sales. And then there was my own first, and last, garage sale in April.

How many boxes, guys?

“87, so far.” Continue reading

I’m free

Celebrating Independence Day in Munchkin Land“Today is a day of independence, for all the munchkins and their decendents.” Mayor of  the Munchkin City, in the County of the Land of Oz


My dog Aw’gy is leaning his muzzle against my thigh as I write this. He’s begging for his morning outing – he whines, walks around the kitchen, comes back and sniffs the hem of my shorts. Try as I might not to anthropomorphize, I imagine him thinking: they look like walking shorts, they sure smell like walking shorts, then what the heck is she doin’ sitting here. I’m ready to get out. Come on, girl.  Continue reading