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Real life lessons from school

Glenwood School for Boys and Girls is hosting its annual Cornerstone Luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 15. While I’ve opted out of this week’s event, Glenwood has a very special place in my heart and just thinking about it reminds me of some of the lessons I learned from the students. 

In November 2005, I was on Glenwood’s South Campus (please click here to learn more)  finalizing the script for the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon when my colleague Mark came in and took a seat. Among his many Glenwood roles, Mark was camp director and I asked if he found a job for me at camp the next summer, something like nature lady or song leader.

“We need a nurse. Can you do that?”

I bet I had a better time than all the kids put together.

Remember Harrison Ford in the first Raider’s movie? “Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?” I felt the same way about being a nurse.

We worked together for several years and – I thought – knew each other’s strengths. He was skilled at working with disadvantaged kids from throughout the Chicago area and I was good at writing about them. But camp nurse? I work with words and keyboards and reporters, not with kids and cuts and ticks. Oh my. Continue reading

Time to find a new shell

My niece was happily describing some of the sea creatures she and her family discovered during their recent visit to a public beach in Destin, Florida. “We didn’t realize a Hermit crab finds an abandoned snail shell, lives in it until it outgrows the space and then finds another shell-house,” she said. Until it outgrows that one, I imagine. (Read about Hermit crabs.)

Well, this crab has not outgrown it’s shell but is leaving just the same. Continue reading