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Friends should make you laugh, SUH

Stay close to your BFFs, SUH.

We’ve been called “the three musketeers.” I like, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Or to use the vernacular, BFFs. We met in 1975 and, to use that classic fiction writer’s phrase, “little did we know” we would forge a lifelong friendship bound by love, truth and lots of fun.

Garnet, Robin and I – recent graduates of Butler, Purdue and Ball State – were the creative marketing department drones – sharing a corner workroom on the second floor of the 1800 North Meridian building – mall management HQ for Melvin Simon & Assoc, Indianapolis. We worked hard and played hard too – sort of like Rob, Buddy and Sally crafting Alan Brady show scripts week after week. Except our Mel Cooley was a blond.

The triad was split up by our various moves to different regional malls so we started sharing hotel rooms at shopping center conventions. Three working girls having a pajama party every night with serious debriefings: “Guess who I saw?” or “What a jerk that guy is.” or “I got a new client.” or “I will never wear these shoes again.” “Robin – I killed it – come down from that radiator.” “Ok, you want your bagel burnt, I want mine toasted and your’s is warm – right?”

We continued to room together while life gave us divorces, children, PMS and menopause. We won awards and lost parents. But honestly some of the best laughs came while we were getting ready for the convention day or group dinners at night. I still laugh thinking about three of us were sharing two sinks in our condo bathroom at Polo Towers in Vegas. Garnet and Robin were using the sink across from mine – I have no idea what dinner was on the docket that night. They were talking and saying, “SUH.”  “(something, something, something) SUH.” What the heck is SUH?” I finally asked. “What?” Garnet said. “What do you mean SUH?” “You guys keep saying SUH – what is it? “AS YOU AGE. As you age.” You shoulda been there.

Now I hear it on TV all the time. You need to use Restasis, SUH. Eventually, SUH, you may need Depends. I guess it depends. Oh, and SUH, you’ll want to stay close to your friends so you can laugh your way into old age. Laugh or cry. I prefer the former, as I age. Guess that would be SIH.

Think cool thoughts

Much of the country is suffering 90+ degrees temps, and east of the Mississippi we’re looking at equal or better humidity. What the heck? It’s summer, global warming aside, it’s hot in the summertime. What on earth did we do before the “XR15 HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR UNIT WITH VARIABLE SPEED HANDLERS, COMFORT COILS AND 1.5 – 5 TON CAPACITY?”

It was simple, really. My brother recalls a time before AC when we slept on the floor – three of us – in front of the oscillating fan. What a great word – oscillating. Sleeping in front of the oscillating fan, waiting for the blade to move coolish air our way. Funny to think we were three hot dogs on sheets, anticipating the rhythmic breeze that would lull us to sleep.

It was Indiana in the summertime. It was hot, humid, we survived. And the thought of the oscillating fan is pretty cool.