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How to take your heart with you wherever you go

It occurs to me after nearly a week visiting Las Cruces, NM, that I left a piece of my heart when I moved back to Indiana in 2011. I wonder as I ponder “being in the world but not of it” if it is possible to leave some heart everywhere we go.

Aw'gy guards our moving truck, August 2011, bound for Indiana.

Aw’gy guards our moving truck, August 2011.

I mean, I left! Moved. Packed up a 72-pound dog and 7,720 pounds of worldly possessions. Yet, as I’ve visited with friends who are as close as family, and in some cases even more open and loving, it has felt as though I never left.

Moved here on a whim back in oh four. “Bought an acre of land off the back of a matchbook,” I joked about the acre of land I bought from a realtor. “Either gonna move there or make money on the land,” I said.

Did both.

Come to think of it, I’ve left some heart in France; Sarasota, Florida; and all across the midwest. I don’t think it’s about me. I think it’s about the open, loving people I meet along the way. It’s also about being real, in a “wherever you go there you are” way.

You see, the thing is – this is so cool! – we are all connected.

In this vast, beneficent universe, we are connected, we are the same. You may be having a bad day and someone else has had those feelings. You’re celebrating and others know your joy.

You are just as connected as I am. If you don’t feel connected, I’m sorry about that. Here’s all you need to do: open your heart – actually picture your Valentine Day’s heart in your chest opening to the nature of people around you. Smile, thank them, wish them a good day and the heart you give them will come back to you in, well, hearts.

And corny as it sounds, but I’m here to tell ya, your heart will grow so large you’ll be able to leave pieces of it everywhere you go. And more will grow. So there you go. Happy Valentine’s Day from sunny SoNewMex.



How thoughts become things

WordScarab journals dating from 2003. Before that, I kept notes on scraps.

Rarely do I go back and read my morning journals – there’s a good 10 years of  wanderings – but while writing this morning and watching the sunlight grow over my front door something occurred to me.

When did I find this house?

This current journal launched 13.2.11 – I was still in New Mexico.

The Calais house was on the market but I had no clue about when I would move, where in Indiana I’d go, how my new home would look. I picked up the journal and flipped through until I found this list. It described this house to a T.

“Must have been after I saw it – I was listing its’ features,” that’s what I thought until I checked the page heading.

Th 9-15-11/2

It was a month before I set foot in the house. At least 10 days prior to my realtor sending the listing. I envisioned this house before I saw it. In short, I got what I wanted – and so much more.


We are capable of manifesting our desires, our thoughts. Whatever they may be.

Once while riding my bike in a Norman, OK neighborhood, I found myself having to ride on a new curb because the streets weren’t yet poured. And rode right into a hole in the cement – about the size of a dollar bill.

I knew I would. I saw it coming and I predicted it.

“I’m going to ride into that hole. I’m going to ride into that hole!”

Blam! Splat! Over the handle bars and into the rocks – I still have the scar on my knee. Wow. I’m good.

Now, if I spotted the hole and noted plenty of room to ride around it, I would have. I’m sure.

Who was it who said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right?”

I think it was Lincoln. Please check me on this.

You know, you are what you eat. Well, you’re also what you think.

Are you negative? Oh, it’s not you! Maybe other people are negative and you are able to see that all the time. Continue reading

How to go ‘There and back again …’

Here's Las Cruces native, Aw'gy, stealing some shade under a Mesquite tree during our last desert walk, August 24, 2011. "You're right, Aw'gy," I'd tell him. "We need to enjoy this."

My throat tightens as I write this.

A year ago today I drove north on Roadrunner Parkway to US70, across the desert through White Sands, picked up 54 north in Alamagordo toward Santa Rosa and I40. I made that trip several times over seven years, but this time I was leaving home.


Check that. Heading home, to Indiana.

I’ve left home before – Girl Scout camp, that first airplane ride at 16 to LA, college. I left home when I got married and lived in other towns. But I think now I never really left home until I moved to New Mexico.

Before visiting Las Cruces in March 2003, I’d never heard of it. We were going to visit friends. “Show me again. Where is it?” Continue reading

Gifts from ‘Patto’

I’m sitting in my new bungalow in Valparaiso, IN – just 27 miles down the road from my sister, Pat, and brother-in-law, Otto. It’s been a year since I put the Las Cruces house on the market and set my sights for home. And now, I am home, largely due to gifts from Pat, Otto and their family – married 51 years ago today.

They met at George Rogers Clark High School in the late 50s. When Pat brought Otto home to meet the parents he was fun, handsome and sweet. He went into the Navy and was stationed in Okinawa. She put herself through St. Agnes School of Nursing, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Continue reading

Mele Kalikimaka

If I were moving for the weather, I’d be going to Hawaii. That’s what I told friends in SoNewMex when they questioned why I was putting my house on the market and moving to Indiana. Fact is, I moved to be closer to family and, for the most part I am tickled to be home. (“For the most part” may be another story. Stay tuned.)

Why leave Las Cruces when the local chamber of commerce claimed 340 days of sunshine. What’s not to love about that plus the mountains, the desert, great friends? It was great – all that happy sunshine  – for the most part.

But as a midwestern transplant, I actually missed cloudy days. Turns out I wasn’t alone. Even natives embraced the gray days. But then there were only 25 or so each year, right? I mean, according to the chamber. And even when it was overcast, the skies were not cloudy all day. (Insert smiley face here.) So why move to Indiana of all places, right?

I was in Hawaii in December 1988. While it was nice being on the beach December 9, it was just plain weird seeing palm trees decked out with tiny white lights while “White Christmas” was piped out over the oiled sun lovers. Weirder still was seeing decorated Christmas trees in condo windows. Sunny? 80 degrees? and I’m hearing “Mele Kalikimake”? I might have been more comfortable on the moon.

Strangely enough, I feel that way today  Continue reading