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Why I moved home, part 1

People in Las Cruces thought I was nuts to move back to the midwest. “Are you ready for all that snow and cold?,” several asked.

If it was about the weather I’d be on Maui.

It’s about family and Labor Day Weekend was Christmas for me. Friday afternoon I drove a quick 130 miles to spend time with my sweet niece Lindsey, my brother and his wife. We laughed hard, went to Cracker Barrel and laughed more. I had a great time and didn’t want to leave. But I had told my sister I’d be home for her family’s Labor Day cookout, and got back to Crown Point to find six of her seven grown children and at least a dozen grandkids sprawled all over the living room watching family movies. (Apparently hard rain and wind closed the pool and forced everyone indoors.)

Just a few of the many reasons I moved home to Indiana.

Later that evening my niece Connie invited me to join a bunch of them the next day at Great America. Awww, thanks, but no. Then later I remembered why I moved home. Three vans carried 15 of us ranging from seven to slightly-more-than 57.

I’m sure I had the most fun. I rode roller Continue reading

Whoa! I need to lose weight

My weight is kind of embarrassing. No, not my body weight. It’s fine. I’m still lighter than I was in college. Nope, I mean my worldly weight … it’s about my stuff, and it’s heavy.

A week ago Friday, I watched three guys pack box after box of dishes, linens, books, pictures and other accumulated who-knows-what into dozens of boxes. It took most of that day to pack. And I thought I’d gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. Several loads of small furniture, clothes, books and lamps to a couple of charity sales. And then there was my own first, and last, garage sale in April.

How many boxes, guys?

“87, so far.” Continue reading

For dog lovers only

My friend Kate wrote me a sad note yesterday.

“We had a lot of sadness over the weekend. Mae Mae went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and they wanted to do a simple operation to open up her nasal passages so she could breathe better. She developed a blood clot and died of a heart attack. Our hearts are broken.”

Kate with Joon, one of Mae Mae's cousins, in Cincinnati, July 2010.

Before my four-legged, fuzzy boy Aw’gy came into my life, I had no idea about true puppy love. Hadn’t a clue about how much a dog could lift my spirits.

Some mornings in Las Cruces, we’ll walk over to the desert near my house. I’ll let him off his leash and can’t help but smile as he takes off after a bunny he’ll never catch. It’s Continue reading

Pushing the limits

It’s 10 after seven on a Saturday night and I’m the laundry room, stretching waste bands and legs on last summer’s white capris – four pairs made of different kinds of white fabric – hoping I’ll fit into them again this year. At this point, that’s my weight goal year after year. It’s not about losing 10, it’s about not buying a larger size. So far so good. And this is after eight years of M and M: Menopause and Mexican food.

So I’m stretching and pushing fabric when I find myself smiling. What’s up?

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