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Backsaving Gardening Tool

One of my volunteer jobs is writing for the Purdue Extension – Porter County newsletter, Garden Thyme (http://www.pcgarden.info/garden-thyme-vol-2-issue-3/). Thought you might enjoy this article set for  the April 2016 edition.

Haul Out the Garden Workhorse!

This time of year it’s difficult to isolate one favorite garden tool. Last week, a fellow gardener said his “go-to” tools right now are pruners and loppers. I couldn’t agree more. But as I look over all the sandy loam in my yard that needs to be loamy sand, I’m thinking the wheelbarrow and I are going to get pretty close over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a stiff neck a few days ago, which reminded me we gardeners need to take extra care of our necks and backs. So I am happy to share with you a link I found with a nice little video on the best way to handle a wheelbarrow and a recommendation for a construction-grade item called the Jackson wheelbarrow.

This is from Ohio gardener and grower, Mike McGroarty


Mike said the Jackson “ … lasts a lifetime and it won’t hurt you.” (I had to laugh.) It’s blue and has one wheel positioned directly under the front third-or-so of the tub. This positioning, Mike said, is what keeps the weight off your back.

You’ll spend about a hundred bucks for a Jackson at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but I just spent $68 on my stiff neck and I haven’t even lifted the pruners!