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Thank God for Evolution

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There are a number of November and December birthdays  in our family, and I’m happy to be back in the area to celebrate them. Nephews and nieces are reaching major numeric milestones while their children – my great nephews and great … Continue reading

Anna-banana grows carrots!

This is meant to be shared.

Overflowing with natural goodness!

My great-niece Anna (not really Anna Banana but that’s what her grandmother calls her) helped her mom, dad and brother Nate, plant and maintain a garden this summer. Not the first time for this family but the first time Anna got to pick her own carrots and help mom make “golden morning” muffins. What fun for a kinder-gardener.

What a gift to give a child – getting involved in gardening. What a great lesson.

“Here’s a packet of seeds. See how small each seed is? This little seed is going to grow up to be a big orange and purple carrot! But first we have to make sure the soil is just right, then we plant the seed just so, water it, keep away the weeds and hope it gets plenty of sunshine. In a few months – voila! Carrots galore.”

How cool is that. What a gift. Teach a child to plant carrot and watch them both grow.

A very sushi birthday

Raw fish, sticky rice and wasabe were key ingredients for a most memorable weekend. Why so? Nephew Michael and his wife Mandy were intent on introducing their two teenage nieces to the joys of sushi. You see, for his birthday a few years back someone introduced Mike to the joys of eating raw fish and memories formed like a ball of sticky rice.

Ten of us piled in two wagons for a trek to the Sushi House in Westmont, Illinois – the closest, highest Urbanspoon-rated sushi store we could find.  Continue reading