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Not exactly White Castle’s

Cousin Karen Sandrick was in town last week for a quick visit and tour before meeting up with her friend John from Albuquerque. Since ABQ is about 260 miles up the road from Las Cruces, John suggested we meet at The Owl Bar & Café in San Antonio. (Worth the trip if you’re ever in the ‘hood.)

Sandrick cousins last Friday at The Owl Bar & Café in San Antonio, NM.

I overheard Karen on the phone telling John we would meet him at The Owl ‘Café’ – since I’ve been there and know the place to be kinda funky, I told her I was sure it wouldn’t qualify as a café. Wrong again, chili breath. Yes, it is funky, but it weren’t for the café, we wouldn’t have had their world famous green chili cheeseburgers.

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A very sushi birthday

Raw fish, sticky rice and wasabe were key ingredients for a most memorable weekend. Why so? Nephew Michael and his wife Mandy were intent on introducing their two teenage nieces to the joys of sushi. You see, for his birthday a few years back someone introduced Mike to the joys of eating raw fish and memories formed like a ball of sticky rice.

Ten of us piled in two wagons for a trek to the Sushi House in Westmont, Illinois – the closest, highest Urbanspoon-rated sushi store we could find.  Continue reading