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Whoa! I need to lose weight

My weight is kind of embarrassing. No, not my body weight. It’s fine. I’m still lighter than I was in college. Nope, I mean my worldly weight … it’s about my stuff, and it’s heavy.

A week ago Friday, I watched three guys pack box after box of dishes, linens, books, pictures and other accumulated who-knows-what into dozens of boxes. It took most of that day to pack. And I thought I’d gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. Several loads of small furniture, clothes, books and lamps to a couple of charity sales. And then there was my own first, and last, garage sale in April.

How many boxes, guys?

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Pushing the limits

It’s 10 after seven on a Saturday night and I’m the laundry room, stretching waste bands and legs on last summer’s white capris – four pairs made of different kinds of white fabric – hoping I’ll fit into them again this year. At this point, that’s my weight goal year after year. It’s not about losing 10, it’s about not buying a larger size. So far so good. And this is after eight years of M and M: Menopause and Mexican food.

So I’m stretching and pushing fabric when I find myself smiling. What’s up?

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