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There are so many reasons not to sit and write. Ask me, I know all of them.

It’s been more than I year since I posted on WordScarab. Funny, when I first started I was posting every Friday and that lasted three years. Then I moved, bought a house to renovate, met a guy, moved again, got married, more house renovation. I’m tired of it. Tired of not writing.

But blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. Sure, the mechanics are simple enough once you get the hang of it. WordPress makes it easy for anyone to throw something out on the Internet. But once it’s out there, geez, you open yourself up to something worse than critics – scammers. People, or worse – people with computer programs – from godknowswhereintheworld who want nothing more than to send mud back to your computer. Or they have a scam to sell and hope you’ll bite. It’s too bad. It’s a conundrum.


Because writers have to write, and writers like me – sort of journalists – like readers. We want audiences. We want to make connections. We want to effect emotions.

I was so naive when I started blogging in May 2011. At first I used photos of myself and then pictures of my family. Imagine my horror a year later when, ok – I’ll say it, Googled myself and saw their faces under my name!

That’s when I wrote, “They Don’t Call It the World Wide Web for Nothing.”

So naive.

But here I am. Posting again. Can’t help myself. Want to connect with you again. Who cares if I don’t have a niche? I’m not selling ads here. I’m just writing, writing, writing …

6 responses to “Blog Clog

  1. Sally De Peugh Grabham

    Congratulations on the marriage and getting back to writing!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Sally. So nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. BTW, would you please comment on Trump? I have a story to write about him but for now it’s pretty one-sided. What a conundrum to me.

  2. Dianne Michels

    So grateful you are writing again. Found your blog always to be thoughtful and engaging. So mich has happened in your life since you last wrote. You arr a great role model for creating what’s next and living boldly. Please keep me on your loyal blog readers list. Much love and care. Dianne

    • So nice to know you’re reading, Dianne! You know it’s been 20 years since we met in the Hancock Building. What a treat. Looking forward to connecting.

  3. E. Bruce Fech

    I know the feeling. My family newsletter, Our Family: today and Yesterday has just been published. It’s Volume 23, No. 1. With four issues a year that amounts to a lot of writing. I’ve said this is the last year many times. After publishing the last issue of the year comes around and I have a lot of time on my hands come winter, I do it all over again. Of course, the prodding of the readers doesn’t help my “retirement” So keep it going, Kristine! Welcome back.

    • Hi, Bruce – You are no doubt our family’s most prolific writer. Thank you for your comments and for reading WordScarab! BTW, would you care to comment on the Republican candidates? It’s quite a spectacle and I wonder if I’m missing something important.

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