The School of Netflix

I love Netflix. 

Couldn’t keep up with the discs that came in the mail so I opted for streaming at $7.99+/month. It’s more fun for me than television, which may sound BORING to some readers. Sorry, even “True Blood” – which is not exactly boring – is not my idea of good TV.

The choice of programs is in the eye of the viewer after all. That’s why “Wheel of Fortune” is still on after 25 years and “Boston Legal” was only on four seasons. NO PROBLEM. I can view it on Netflix.

While visiting my friend Kathleen in Chauma, NM last year she mentioned using Netflix to learn as much as she could about building an observatory. Excuse me? “Yeah, I went to Netflix documentaries and loaded as much as I could find on observatories – there must have been 20 programs.”

What a great idea. During the same visit, three of us decided to read and discuss a book, something like “The Dark Years.” No, not about puberty or even marriage (just joking, really) but a pretty heavy read about the time between the two world wars.

My homework was to study the chapters on Germany and Russia and report to the other girls who selected equally exciting countries – China, Japan, France. I went to Netflix and added to my que everything I could find on Hitler, Nazis, Nietzche, Stalin and watched hours of documentaries. Visuals helped bring to life the words I was reading on the page.

No, isn’t wasn’t fun because of the subject matter but it was fascinating and I learned a great deal about a subject I probably avoided – World War I and why WWII had to happen. In fact, after many, many hours of heavy duty white supremacist schtick, I switched to watching “Third Rock from the Sun” for some LOL history (1996 – 2001 on NBC).

Now I’m into episode 6 of Ken Burn’s 10-part series, “Jazz.” Historic, musical, captivating – pulling together many of the bits and pieces I knew or heard about this classic American art form. I love it.

School’s in session now for the kiddos. What do you want to learn? You can get all you want and more from Netflix. Just move your cursor to the right side of their red screen and type in your favorite new topic. OK, it’s not Great Courses, but give it a try. You just might learn something.

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  2. I never knew they did that. I’m thinking about ordering it for my mom. She can watch hours of TV on the civil war, astronomy, Broadway musicals and geology. I’ll check into it. Thanks for the idea.

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