This is more than I can (love) handle

Ohmygosh, I’ve died and gone to heavy. I meant heaven. That was a legitimate typo and perhaps a Freudian slip because today is …

… International Chocolate Day!

Now, I know people who don’t like chocolate. Are you one of them? What’s not to like? Too sweet? Gooey? To trendy for you? You had a bad encounter with Snickers bar when you were a kid?

What a shame.

One of the little pleasures in life is a little bit of really good chocolate every now and then. I’m not talking about the World’s Most Expensive Chocolate. Although there was a fun article on the Forbes website hershey-expensive-chocolate-cx_sy_0208feat_ls.html about Chocopologie priced at $2,600 a pound. (For that price I would expect calories to jump back into the wrapper and destroy themselves.) Nah, I’m talking about good chocolate from Walgreen’s! 

You laugh.

Two squares are only 95 calories 🙂

Godiva, love it. Or the beautiful little bon bons from Neiman’s. What a treat. But the Lindt Chocolates sell for less than $4 a bar at Walgreens. I like the  “Excellence” because it’s dark chocolate, and my favorites are the chili and the intense orange. I’m tasting the chili right now as part of the research for this story – yup, it’s good and the heat builds with each bite. My New Mexico friends will especially appreciate this taste trait.

I have one of those bodies that saves what I eat. In fact, I’m still storing some of the hot fudge sundaes I ate in college. So I tend to eat less chocolate but appreciate the quality. Otherwise, I would die and go to heavy, or vice versa.

What’s your favorite chocolate and how do you enjoy it? Are you a closet-chocoholic or someone who happily orders and eats chocolate deserts before dinner? 

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  1. Another tasty blog from you. I want s’more. 🙂

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