What writer’s block

No well, oh well. (Pinched from "The Modest Peacock.")

Sitting at my computer; fingers hunched over the keyboard ready for words of wisdom to come rushing out like water from a well-primed well. Nothing. Not even a slow drip. I send signals to my brain; scan the cortex left to right and back again – searching. Nothing.

How can there be a loss of words? There is never a loss for words. Sometimes, there is a loss of confidence – not clever enough, no verbal advantage, no unique insight. Too many thoughts obfuscate the task at hand: sore shoulders, amending a tax return, preparing for a houseful of family tomorrow. That’s the small stuff that’s right at the tips of my fingers.

“Big stuff” includes the “underwear bomber” going to prison for life – a good thing, I suppose, but did you see that baby face on the news last night? How many 20-somethings do you know who followed bad advice? A lack of leadership in Washington, the Greek financial crisis. Even bigger and looming thoughts that block my fingers from being oh so clever today: a friend facing terminal cancer, elders making end of life decisions, loved ones in unhappy relationships. No wonder my writing well seems dry right now.

It’s not bad to have an off day. We have them and remind ourselves, that “flat” spot in the week or month or year is a place to just sit. Like finding your sailboat in irons – accept the lull, knowing the next big wave of an idea is coming. Patience is key. And when it comes, we lunge forward on our life path. Look out! Don’t know how big this is going to get!

Besides, I remind myself, nothing is bad if you have a grateful heart. I am grateful to be getting a massage this afternoon to ease the tension in my neck and shoulders, to be able to pay my taxes, to live near my family so we can enjoy each other’s company.

The lack of leadership in this country is causing me to pay more attention to national and global issues so I can make more informed decisions, and I am grateful for this heightened awareness. And while I’m not grateful for the Underware Bomber nor others with similar schemes, or worse, I am grateful we have more systems in place to thwart their plans.

The word well opens … drip, drip, drip.

What do you do when life’s detritus keeps you from accomplishing tasks at hand? Please tell me. I’d like to know.



2 responses to “What writer’s block

  1. when I get to the “end of my rope, I tie a knot and hang on.” For me, the “knot” I cling to is prayer, even when I’m not at the end of my rope. Somehow, it ALWAYS makes a difference for, to, and in me.


  2. Jesus said: “the poor, you will always have with you but you will not always have me”. The poor can mean in spirit, in finances, in friends, love, or anything. The bit about “you will not always have me” isn’t really true. We do have christ, anytime we wish. The glass may seem half empty & when it seems so, we have to look at the other half. We have to always look for the Christ in the world: the beauty in ourselves & each other, in things both great & small. By the way, the small things are the best. KB

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